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What are the rules regarding placing a listing in the phone book? Most firms
listed in my phone book are basic, name, address, and phone number. However,
there are a couple that have bold text, large text, color, boxes etc...  I
remember reading somewhere that the state boards can frown or punish those
who use elaborate advertising - is this true? I know that full page ads are
taken out in engineering magazines and business card size ads as well (i.e.
URS or a plan checking firm).

The reason I ask is a phone book salesman can give me a bold line and a
website listing for cheaper than a plain ad since I'd be a new customer.
Without looking through my state board website, I was wondering if someone
here could help out. I think it would be usefull because I'll probably have
only small projects to start out with, probably residential, and most home
owners look in the phone book if their architect doesn't hire someone for

Thanks in advance.

Gerard Madden, PE
Civil Engineer, Owner

540 Monroe Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050

T: 408.564.5515
F: 408.564.5530
E: gmadden(--nospam--at)

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