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No more Structural Engineer!!!!

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Attention  SEAINT List members:

Tonight I received this very disturbing  FAX  from the president of the American Institute Of Engineers   (AIE).

I scanned the FAX,  translated the letters (OCR),  and imported into this e-mail message for your information.

I think you  might be extremely interested in the proposal.

Please  PLEASE  if you have comments about this FAX   do NOT  (DO NOT)  send them to me!

Write, E-mail,  FAX    - Telephone   the author Martin  Gottlieb  President  AIE

Robert B. Johnson


MAR-19-02 10:24 AM     AMER.INST.OF.ENGINEERS          (fax) 510-223-8911                  P.0l



AlE has announced the title of Structural Engineer should be deleted from the lexicon of employer given titles. Reason one cannot receive a degree in structural engineering.  The more wide spread title is civil engineer.

The impact may be tremendous, I would think.  Of the multitude and variety of titles received from employers, the line has to be drawn somewhere.

Why,      you ask?    It affects career patterns and career length.

I would appreciate your input and those' from your colleagues who I encourage you to circulate this memo.

The  "YES"  list from AIE is   engineer, civil engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, metallurgical engineer,  chemical engineer. Software engineer and software scientist is a toss-up.

Engr. Martin S. Gottlieb, President

P.S. AlE has also approved chemist, physicist and mathematician and most others from the world of science, which end with "ist".

American Institute of Engineers
1018 Appian  Way
El  Sobrante ,  California   94803-1108
e-mail:   aie(--nospam--at)
F/V  510-223-8911