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Re: EQ resistant Design

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I agree with this inference. Incidenetally, When I
design a footing I examine various directions of wind
(have'nt had much to do with seismically active
areas)on the structure and size the footing for the
corresponding bearing pressures. Sizing the footing
for independant orthogonal wind loading does not
guarantee the the size will be adequate for oblique
wind loading. For square footing 45 deg orientation is
critical and for rectangular footing the orientation
is dependent on the aspect ratio of the footing.


--- Christopher Wright <chrisw(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> .................
> That leads me to believe that building seismic
> analysis should  be done
> applying the given seismic lateral load or
> acceleration in a 'worst case'
> orientation found by iteration or by applying the
> load is the building's
> 'weak direction.'

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