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Concrete Wall Deflection

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I am designing a buried CIP concrete structure with pre-cast double tee
roof. The intent is to have the walls free on the top edge such that no
axial load is induced in the double tees. Thus, I am attempting to
calculate the approximate deflection of the top edge of the concrete
wall as a result of horizontal loads from backfill, groundwater and
surcharge. Once this deflection is known, I will allow for this movement
to ensure that wall will not be bearing on the tees. Vertical bearing
detail of tee will also allow this horizontal movement.

The reinforced wall is 18" thick, height is 20 feet and width is 25
feet. Design is to ACI 350R. I am looking for guidance on the
method/references to calculate the deflection on the top edge of this
wall. PCA document for Rectangular Concrete Tanks has information that
would imply that it acts as solid concrete plate. I am thinking that
some consideration should be given to the cracked section with
reinforcing steel.


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