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RE: Advertising

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Title: RE: Advertising
Thank you.
I learned something new from your definition of networking.
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When I was just starting out, I looked for referrals by networking through the various professional organizations, eventually climbing up the "officer ladder" at the Consulting Engineers Council of Texas, the Structural Engineers Association of Texas, the Texas Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Professional Societies Liaison Council, etc.  I also cold-call marketed a lot of architectural firms (very good for promoting humility).
In recent years, I have shifted most of my involvement into activities that directly include prospective clients such as architects (last choice, not first), developers, city and county officials, state agency officials, etc.  For example, I have organized and run six campaign fund-raising breakfasts for county commissioners and county bond programs in the past three years.  In return, the county officials often recommend my firm to the biggest developers working in their area. 
Networking is not about giving speeches, it is about talking and listening ... especially about listening.  Broken into the most simple terms, it is about making new friendships that will eventually lead to new clients and projects.
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Where do you network?  With whom do you network?  Where do you speak?  What kind of groups do you speak in front of?  (How do you meet the right people and the people who will refer you to the right people?)