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EQ resistant Design

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Chris Wright wrote:

>My understanding is that the horizontal motion is
>pretty much wave motion
>in the direction of slip along a fault, although
>reflections and diffraction change that. The motion
>is oscillatory so it changes in magnitude but not in
>direction. I don't see how surface wave motion can
>change direction.

>Christopher Wright P.E.

I would think the wave would change direction if it
crossed (at an angle) a boundary into a soil of
substantially different stiffness.  This is analogous
to light refracting as it moves from water to air (the
old "stick bending as it goes into the water"
thing--you know what I mean).  Or am I confusing that
with what you meant by diffraction?

Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota  (Seismic Central)

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