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Re: Clarification to shear wall aspect ratio topic

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The CBC has three structural codes. That means that there are THREE chapter
-Chapter 16 : Typical Building in California
-Chapter 16A : For Schools
-Chapter 16B : For Hospitals.

The chapters 16A are more stringent. Chapter 16B are based on 1994 UBC and
may or may not be more stringent than chapter 16. If you are not working on
a school, you don't need to use Chapter 16A.

Santa Clara, CA

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Subject: Clarification to shear wall aspect ratio topic

The 1998 CBC has two separate tables for vertical diaphragm aspect ratios

Table 16A-V on page 2-38.41

Table 23-II-G on page 2-286

These table appear to conflict with each other. Am I misunderstanding
something here?

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