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Help: Pumping Unit Skid to Beam Connection

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce myself
My name is Ikhwanulluthfie. I am a civil engineer from
Indonesia. I have graduated from ITB (Bandung
Institute of Technology) in 1995. Currently, I work at
Tripatra Engineering, pt in Jakarta.
I want to make friendship with foreign civil
engineers. May be someday you will visit Indonesia as
tourists and meet me in Jakarta. I will be glad to
help you to know Jakarta.
I want some new knowledge or tips from this mailing
list. I hope you will be happy to help.
Of course if there is a problem that I feel I know the
answer (especially in geotechnical engineering), I
will contribute.
This is my first question.
I am working on an oil and gas project in Indonesia.
One of the items to be designed is pumping unit
foundation. It will be a piled one because the peat
soil thickness is about 6 meters. My current design is
6 steel pipe piles placed in three rows. Each row (two
steel pipe piles) will support a steel beam. The skid
of pumping unit will rest on three beams.
I want to know the detail of connection between the
steel beam and the pumping unit skid. Is there any
common practice in US regarding this connection
especially the non-welded one?
Thank you for your cooperation.

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