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structural engineering links website

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Some people in work were saying how useful it would be to have a webpage with links of interest to structural engineers.  I found several “structural engineering links” pages on the internet  but none were specific enough (in my opinion) to be useful as a “quick reference tool” for structural engineers who design building structures - so several weeks ago (while watching Survivor on TV) I put together such a webpage. Here’s the url:


If anyone on the list thinks this might be a useful idea and would like to “contribute” some other url’s to the list, please email me links (off the list) to other informative and useful structural engineering websites.  I am certain that I have just scratched the surface of what is out there.  I saw an email on the list last week about the USGS website where you can type in the zip code of a project and get the earthquake coefficients, so I added that one.  That’s an example of the type of useful websites I’m looking for.


Cliff Schwinger