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ASTM A307 Bolts

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I would appreciate some input from people knowledgable about fasteners.

A supplier on one of our projects is claiming that when we specify an
anchor bolt comply with A307 he can supply an anchor bolt with rolled
threads.  The motivation is that these bolts are slightly cheaper.  His
argument is based on the claim that ANSI B1.1 (which we do not have a copy
of) which is referenced from A307, reportedly lists rolled threads as an

This causes problems since the bolt shank is slightly smaller which results
in a weaker bolt and results in a larger space between bolt and the bolt

I believe that the supplier is wrong since A307 specifies a minimum area
and a tensile capacity which trumps B1.1.   I may be wrong if the Minimum
area is measured at the threaded region.

Is the supplier blowing smoke or do we need to modify our specifications to
exclude rolled threads.


Mark Gilligan

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