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Kudos to Charlie Carter

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I am member of both the seaint and steel detailers
While I post regularly to the steel detailer's list, I
am mostly a lurker on the seaint list.

This is just to record my appreciation for all the
useful nuggets of technical info that emanate from you
in response to queries.

Not once have you indulged in off-topic discussions,
or made personal remarks, or been impatient with the
ignoramuses on these lists.

Your responses have been short, to the point and
always informative.

You are probably a veteran on these lists (I have
still to see a year pass since I signed on).

My purpose in writing to you is to hopefully make your
day today,  by stating that I find your contributions
invaluable and I learn from them.

I have opened a special file in which I cut and paste
your contributions for reference later.

More power to you.

I began by writing to you privately and later decided
that your tremendous contributions deserve public
acclaim. I am therefore posting this publicly.
I wish I could see you blushing !

Sincerely and honestly and with greetings and best
wishes from India,

G Vishwanath
General Manager
FI Sofex Limited
Bangalore, India

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