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Three Sided Diaphragm (Cantilever Diaph)

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On this one story 40' x 75' long CMU building, there are CMU walls on three
sides except one longi. side which needs to be left open.  (Imagine a pep
boys service center).  The roof consists of 1.5" metal deck  with no
concrete on top (running along longi. direction) supported at about 8' o.c
with steel joist. The steel joists are supported on the wall at one end and
at the open side there is a WF beam, which are supported by columns at
20'-30' o.c. There is a drag strut at this line which takes care of the
chord forces.

I would like to avoid a moment connection at this side. Rotation would
probably be an issue .  What is the max. length to width ratio for a metal
deck flex. diaphragm?

If the deck has sufficient shear capacity would that be sufficient or would
diagonals need to be provided to transfer the shear to the 3 outer wall.

I am looking for some references and some hints on this  subject.

- Aswin
Aswin Rangaswamy, P.E.
Engineer, Structural; SHA Coffman Engineers, CA
T: 818.285.2650; F: 818.285.2651

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