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Re: Promoting Structural Engineering in High Schools

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This is certainly a great cause and I thought if I could add some Indian

In India, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Kanpur (IIT-K), is one of the best
institutes producing engineers of various hues and shades. Recently the boom in
software market left many young engineers whether to venture out to software
firms or stay-put with hard-core engineering as a career.

The Institute looked at us (in the profession/field) for guiding the young
engineers. It was an open house where software firms and we put our logics in
place. It wasa wonderful counselling!

Perhaps you are looking at the same thing at an earlier age.

Best wishes

RP Mehrotra

Aswin Rangaswamy wrote:

> Hi:
> As a member of the SEAOSC Public Relations Committee, we are trying to
> promote Structural Engineering at the high school level.  I am sure there
> are many organizations around the globe which are trying to do the same.
> I would like to hear from people who have been working on this issue.  I am
> sure, quite a few of you would have volunteered for the career day at
> school.  I am looking for hints and suggestions to purse this further.
> Thank you.
> - Aswin
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