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Re: Promoting Structural Engineering in High Schools

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Dear Aswin

Money matters most to youngsters. The drift, towards software jobs, was in our
country predominant not only because software companies paid more but
essentially because there had been a definite glut in conventional engineering
jobs. At that tender age the engineer looks first for immediate self-dependence,
and this drives the person away from stipulated path.

We, by counselling, succeeded in putting the perspective right and could judge
the results from post session interactions. But does this always work?

Best wishes

RP Mehrotra

Aswin Rangaswamy wrote:

> Hello Mehrotra:
> The software boom has probably left the field of engineering quite dry.  It
> was a clear case of getting the easy fruit - with a 6 month course you could
> virtually double your salary.  Only the people with a passion and interest
> (people like me:)) stuck to this field.  I know many Engineers who had quit
> excellent jobs to enter the software field.  Well this is a big topic which
> has been discussed here on this board and various engineering magazines.
> It would a "match between odds" to compete with the software field in salary
> (I am not sure if that prevails now :)) but we are trying to get more
> interest (from kids) at an younger age which might motivate them to pursue
> structural engineering.
> I would be very interested in knowing the outcome of your counseling since
> it will be a major question being raised by the kids.
> - Aswin
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> This is certainly a great cause and I thought if I could add some Indian
> experience.
> In India, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Kanpur (IIT-K), is one of the best
> institutes producing engineers of various hues and shades. Recently the boom
> in
> software market left many young engineers whether to venture out to software
> firms or stay-put with hard-core engineering as a career.
> The Institute looked at us (in the profession/field) for guiding the young
> engineers. It was an open house where software firms and we put our logics
> in
> place. It wasa wonderful counselling!
> Perhaps you are looking at the same thing at an earlier age.
> Best wishes
> RP Mehrotra
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