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RE: Elevated slab formwork on existing building

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What we typically specify is a non-compressible expanded polystyrene foam.
It's not really a "form" because it's solid.  You put one or two layers of
foam boards down, then cast the slab over the top.

Is it possible that the "styler form"  you were told about was really
"Styrofoam (tm)", which is a common trademarked name for a similar

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Subject: Elevated slab formwork on existing building

We need to elevate the existing floor for 250mm higher, and the owner hope
to keep the existing slab and add a new slab on that floor. There will be
100mm light weight concrete slab elevated by perminant formwork. Could any
one tell me the supplier of the formwork for this kind of application?
Someone told me that the "styler form" is fit for this applicaion, but I can
not find the supplier of this kind of formwork.
Jeng-Wei Li
JJPan and Partners

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