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RE: Kudos to Charlie Carter

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Title: RE: Kudos to Charlie Carter

Syed A Masroor wrote:

It may be a good idea for the list to poll the members (including ignoramuses like me) for MVC (most valuable contributor) of the year.



This idea won't work!  Harold Sprague would win, hands down, every year. 

We used to have a similar problem every December in my neighborhood.  The homeowners association would hold a contest to determine who had the most elaborate Christmas decorations on their house and in their yard.  My neighbor Roy would start work in mid-September, and put in a good 40-50 hours of effort every week through Thanksgiving.  By the start of December, he would have tens of thousands of lights installed, and people would drive from all over Dallas to see the results.  Traffic would be bumper-to-bumper every night, well into January. 

Roy won the contest the first five years, even though several of the neighbors had started hiring professional decorating firms just to be competitive.  Finally, the homeowners association gave Roy a permanent award, and announced that all future contests would be for "Best Decorations OTR (Other Than Roy)".  It rejuvenated their contest!

If you want to start a poll for best annual Listserv contributor, we should first give Harold Sprague a permanent award.  Then, your competition should be for "Best Contributor OTH".


Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas