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Type II Cement

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I was reviewing a mix design recently and talking to the contractor about
how quickly the strength would come up. I figured for Type I/II cement, he
should get about half of the 28 day strength in 7 days, but the contractor
told me he usually gets around 75% in 7 days, which seems more like Type

The contractor told me that his supplier (Tilbury) was grinding the cement
fairly fine, which got me concerned, since the concrete is for a hydraulic
structure and I did not want the higher heat gain and shrinkage associated
with the more finely ground cement.

I am curious as to how others deal with this in their specifications, and
with what success. Just specifying Type II cement isn't getting me what I
want, and I get a lot of resistance from batch plants and contractors
whenever I ask for anything other than what they normally stock, especially
at batch plants in smaller communities. I know you can specify some head of
hydration limits, but getting it is another matter.

Jim Lutz, P.E., S.E.
Earth Tech, Inc.

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