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RE: Promoting Structural Engineering in High Schools

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Attention   LIST

Hands-on   is the way to go

Bring  in construction props

Concrete Cylinders
A-325 Bolts

Talk to a fabricator and see if he can provide a  small section of a wide-flange beam

Better yet  a fabricator friend  built me  a small connection  --   (out of Alumninum  to be able to carry it)

Simple Experiment:

Using  ONLY a single  sheet of paper  (8 -1/2 x 11)
and using  NO other materials  have the students  try to get the  single sheet of paper support a pencil  when the paper is "bridged"  between some stacks  of  books.

     WWWW                       WWWW
     WWWW                       WWWW
     WWW                        WWWW


Make the sheet into  a folded plate!!!

  sss                  sss
  ssss                 sss

Bob  Johnson

Don't for about the "FREE"  West Point Bridge Building Program

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