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Kudos to others too !

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List members,

This is an afterthought.

I realise and fully agree that besides Charlie Carter,
there are others who make invaluable contributions to
this list.

It was not my intention at all to overlook anyone or
to compare the contributions of one person with those
made by others.

I have a background in Structural Steel design (28
years) and what I know of Rcc or timber design can be
written on the back of a postage stamp.

I therefore read with interest and note all postings
on structural steel design, detailing and about Aisc
specs in this and other lists.

I have benefited greatly from Charlie Carter's
contributions and felt it behoved me to acknowledge it

Aisc is a non profit organisation, I believe these
small gestures from a beneficiary like me will
encourage them.

I also hereby publicly acknowledge the great
contributions of  others and wish them well.


G Vishwanath

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