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Structural Engineer Available - Northeast Wisconsin

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Fellow Engineers,
I know this list should not be used for "personal ads" but I was just laid-off, no.......wait, "terminated" due to my previous employers inability to find work.  I wasn't the only one, however, over the last several months they have been letting people go, ironically, 3 at a time (Everything happens in threes!).  We were let go with no severance/vacation package what so ever and I am in need of employment because UI is only 40% of my income and my health benefits expire March 31, requiring me to purchase short term insurance.  Not cheap for a family of four.
Anyway, just a quick resume:  I graduated from Michigan Technological University in 1993 with a BS in Civil and an emphasis in Structural.  Since graduation, I have been working for various Consulting firms, starting in Illinois and moving closer to home(the UP, eh!) to Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I would like to stay in the area but obviously if there is no work here, I would have to move.  Only God can determine that.
If you or your company is in need of an engineer and would like to see my complete resume, please email me in private and I will get a copy to you.  
Thank you,
Mr. Jamie A.Heupel
Green Bay, WI