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RE: Lateral loads

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The studs would be designed as components and cladding for wind forces perpendicular to the face of the wall (essentially loading an individual stud).  The design of the studs can also be subject to loading from both components and cladding and main wind forces.  As an example for a shear wall segment the studs at the end of the segment would be designed for axial load due to overturning from loads developed with MWFRS pressures and combined with the out of plane lateral loads due developed from C&C pressures.
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Subject: Lateral loads

For a simple diaphragm building with load bearing wood stud shear walls, are
the individual studs designed for a lateral wind load as components and
cladding or as main windforce- resisting system per the 2000 IBC tables
1609.6.2.1(2) or table 1609.6.2.1(1)

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