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Cylinder Breaks vs. Mix Design

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You're confusing me.  You look at the mix design.  You
change the water-cement ratio back to what you said it
could be.  You send it back stamped "Approved as

Two days or two weeks later, they pour it and you
maybe ask for and review the slump and batch tickets,
depending on how worried you are and the type of
project it is.

Six or more weeks later, after they've poured it, aged
the cylinders, and sent you the test results, you
review the breaks.  If all goes well, they're all
about 1000 psi over what your design was predicated

How can you not worry about the mix design based on
breaks you won't see for another 6 weeks?  It's too
late then.

Mike Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota

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