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RE: Residential Garage (Help!)

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The 2000 lbs on 2'-1/2 feet square is for designing floors.  The 2000
pounds for a concentrated wheel load is for parking garages both private or
pleasure-type vehicles.  (per the 88 UBC).

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates

At 07:04 AM 3/28/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>The 88 UBC says "2 1/2 feet square" and ASCE7-98 says "2.5 ft2".
>Roger C. Davis
>SDS Architects, Inc.
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>A 2000 lb concentrated wheel load was specified in Section 2302(a) of the
>1970 UBC.  Apparently the 20 in2 area was added into the  UBC in 1994 as it
>has the black mark in the right side of the margin in Section 1604.3.
>And you can certainly argue that the 20 in2 area requirement is a real
>load, especially if you use a car jack to change the tire.  How you spread
>or share this load to adjacent joists or other supports is up to you.  I
>have witnessed some heated conversations about this with at least one
>building department official.
>Neil Moore, S.E.
>neil moore and associates
>At 08:04 PM 3/27/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>>This is in response to Shamir Ghosn and others who respond to my posting.
>>Am I reading 1607.3.3 correctly ? It says parking garages for storage of
>private or pleasure-type motor vehicle with no repair or refueling shall
>have a floor system designed for a concentrated load of not less than 2000
>lbs acting on an area of 20 sq. inches. 20 sq. inches is only 4.5 in.
>square so that all the 2000 lbs will be concentrated solely to one floor
>joist. If it says 20 in. square then I would have distributed it to 2.78
>sq.ft area as per Shamir suggested. Please respond.
>>The garage floor, by the way, will be finished with 3" (ave.) light weight
>concrete and sloped to drain toward the entrance of the garage.
>>Thanks a lot to those who responded.
>>ASQ, P.E.

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