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Re: Sika Seal 105

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Check the product's capability to resist hydrostatic pressures from a 'liquid head' of six stories.
Also, you might look into Zypex as well as ThoRoc's Tegraproof, I have used both with good results.
By the way, are you sure it is Sika Seal 105? This must be a new Sika product as the only comparable product in my catalog is the SikaTop Seal 107!

Steven A.
Los Angeles

Mahmood Mufti wrote:

I am designing a six storey building with basement in a water-logged ground. There is a proposal to
the basement by applying a coating of Sika Seal 105 over the lean concrete and pour the basement raft over
instead of the conventional asphaltic membrane. They say that the product makes way into the moist concrete
seals all the present and future cracks even if at some stage the lean concrete below becomes disintegrated.

Being a little wary, I would like to know the experience and opinions of fellow engineers about this.

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