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RE: Wood Beam repair

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Could you provide some more information such as approx. size and span of the beams, type of beam (solid or glulam), location or service condition of the beams, is there any architectural concern about the appearance, and how big, how orientated, and to what are the location and extent of the cracks?
If the cracks have weakened the beams, you may wish to provide steel side plates or channels with through bolting to provide reinforcement in addition to the gluing.  Depending upon the conditions, gluing the cracks may not be enough to reinstate the structural integrity. 
Also make sure that these "cracks" are not just checks in the members.
Dave Nuttall, P.E.
Green Bay, WI
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Subject: Wood Beam repair

I  have a pofject with cracked (longitudinal) wood beams.  I am proposing a  "glue and bolt" repair.  What GLUE or epoxy  should be used.
Thank guys.
Antonio S. Luisoni
Consulting S.E.