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Re: Standard Practice?

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Answers from my experience follow your questions:

--- "Alden Manipula, E.I.T." <amanipula(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I've only worked in one architectural/engineering company so far in my short
> career as a structural EIT.  My question relates to how other offices deal w/
> field problems, how the code of standard practice tell us to handle problems,
> and what the correct path for resolution of any field problems is.
> For this hypothetical situation, who's responsible for what etc. etc.
> The hypothetical situation:  Several non-code compliant erection deficiencies
> are found by the General Contractors inspector.  For example; less then SJI
> specified joist bearings, a WT added to the bottom of a roof beam to make up
> for bearing plate installed to low, short anchor bolts...
> Who is responsible when the contractor doesn't meet the projects
> specifications?

The contractor.

> Is the Engineer/Architect responsible to come up w/ a fix?

No, but the A/E usually does, unless the deficiency is aggregious and

> Is it up to the Contractor and his subs to find a solution?

Most principals for whom I've worked prefer the contractor propose his own fix,
which the A/E may then evaluate.  Usually, the final solution is negotiated.

> What happens if the GC continues w/ construction when he knows that there are
> noncompliant situations that he is covering up?

Better not go there.  I would recommend you ask your employer for standard
procedure to use in the event you do not have a supervisor to guide you.  Most
A/E's inform the owner in a design-bid-build contract, at a minimum.  In a
design-build contract things get a little stickier, but my experience with
design-build teams has been very good in the past; most contractor's and their
agents have respected my professional opinion as a part of the project "team".

> How do you deal w/ the frustrations?

Whiskey.   ;-)

> Aren't the codes (ASCE, AISC, SJI) Law?

This depends on jurisdiction.  Try to focus on "contract", especially w/ GC's.

> Am i being whiny little baby?  Should i just shut up?

Yes, you are whiny.  But you should not shut up.

> Why can't we all just get along?

The design-bid-build process creates an advesarial relationship that is
difficult to overcome without developing personal relationships with the
project superintendant and his major subs.  So develop personal relationships.

> Thanks.
> Alden Manipula, EIT

-Keith Fix, PE

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