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3x foundation sills - IBC & UBC, required in FEMA 368?

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The IBC and 97 UBC require 3x nominal sills when the unit shear exceeds 350
plf.  There is an exception for when the unit shears are less than 600 plf.

Locally we require treated foundation sill plates and someone was telling me
there are not any 3x nominal treated sills available.   Is 3x nominal
treated material available in the lower 48? Is there any way to get around
the 3x requirement?  What are other people doing?

FEMA 368 Chapter 12 does not mention 3x sill plates but has 3x3 plate
washers.  FEMA 369 says that FEMA 368 Chapter 12 requires 3x sills when 3x
framing is required but I cannot find anything in FEMA 368 or the errata
that says when 3x sills are required.  Am I missing something in FEMA 368 or
is it ok to use 2x sill plates with 3x3 plate washers when the ASD unit
shear exceeds 350 plf per FEMA 368? Thanks.


Scott M Haan P.E.
Plan Review Engineer
Building Safety Division
Development Services Department
Municipality of Anchorage

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