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Re: laminated trusses

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Are you sure it was only glue?
The wood truss manufacturers here in the Midwest typically will build single ply trusses and then 2 or 3 ply them together with 1-2 rows of nails 3"-12" o.c. depending on member size and loads. (Their software design program from Mitek, Alpine, etc. provides this information). They will even go up to 4 ply, but mandate through bolts for the "plying".
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SilverHill Co. LLC
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Subject: laminated trusses
The glue question led to my posting this.
Yesterday I saw a truck on the freeway hauling trusses. The truss chords and webs were laminated 2x4's. Three 2x4's glued together. I was not aware this was being done. Any one have insightful info on this?