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Re: Need help on design of 32 storey RC structure

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Hello. I can be of help to you. I have designed several high rise buildings. Email me personally if you are interested.


>From: "tony"
>Subject: Need help on design of 32 storey RC structure
>Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 23:35:42 +0800
>I am designing a 32 storey apartment building of reinforced concrete structure. The shape of this building is squarish (approx 40m x 40m) with 8 units of apartment/floor surrounding the central lift core. The structural system is RC wall and slab system with transfer beams at the first floor.
>I would appreciate very much if someone can advise where I can get some reference on highrise design. The design wind speed for this area is 30 m/s and is not subject to seismic actions.
>Tony Yap
>Kuala Lumpur

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