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RE: ASTM F1554 anchor rods (was ASTM A307 Bolts)

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>Bill Polhemus wrote:
>Is the F1554 specification thoroughly accepted
>in the construction industry at this date?

If you mean by specifications, yes, it is included as a reference document
in our (AISC's) specifications.

If you mean by engineers, my best guess is yes, more and more. Some seem to
distrust anything new. Others seem to want to keep specifying ASTM A325,
which is not even a valid material specification for anchor rods.

If you mean suppliers, my best guess is yes, more and more. Some are
"in-the-know", on top of it and can provide it. Others are not "in-the-know"
and want to keep selling the ASTM A449 rods they always substituted before
when the engineer called for ASTM A325.

The difficult period between introduction of a standard and widespread
understanding, acceptance and usage of that standard is nearing the end for
ASTM F1554 anchor rods.


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