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Promoting Engineering ????

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Subj:    Re: Promoting Structural Engineering in High Schools
Date:   3/30/2002 12:06:18 PM Central Standard Time
From:   h.d.richardson(--nospam--at) (Daryl Richardson)
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    I have no "hands on" experience with promoting engineering at the
school level; but I do have some views on the subject which may be
controversial.  At the risk of offending some people I'll give them to
you anyway.

    We do not now, and never will need more persons from visible minorities
simply to round out someone else's ideas of how the numbers in the
engineering profession should look.  What we do need, and probably
always will, is more people with analytical minds and a strong sense of
responsibility willing to dedicate themselves to a career which will
always be challenging and may occasionally also be frustrating.

    You do no person a service to oversell the profession to someone who
will inevitably become frustrated and leave.  Better they not start in
the first place!

    If you're going to tell them that they will earn between $60,000 and
$150,000 per year you'd better also tell them that they're going to work
60+ hours a week and have a significant chance of being sued if they are
not consistently very diligent in their work.

    If you're going to tell them how fascinating it will be to be part of a
team of experts working on interesting new projects it would only be
fair to also tell them that they will spend many long hours in deep
concentration working alone.  If they don't like the idea of working
alone they may be better off working in sales or in personnel.

    If you're going to tell them about the landmark projects they can point
to with pride you should also tell them about the projects which are
going to be canceled without ever getting off the ground.

    Anyway, you know where I'm coming from.  Good luck with your


                H. Daryl Richardson


I have participated in many student  outreach efforts  -  yet
Mr.  Richardson offers some interesting and cautionary observations,  many of
which I concur.

Let me offer some more.

For years  the propaganda - shortage shouters have been  claiming a severe
lack of computer  programmers - Information technology workers.

We need more students to study Information Technology!    Well -  look what
happened last year.  There are a lot of unemployed  IT workers.

Also corporate America has found  a way to get around the issue  of
over-priced,  over worked  American IT workers.    OUTSOURCE  or   bring in
foreign workers.
When will it happen to structural engineers?

Then there is the newer subject of AGE DISCRIMINATION.  Few  engineering
societies are talking about it!

Several groups are  reaching out to bring in more minorities  into the
profession,  all the while these minorities may  find it difficult to
actually be placed into an engineering -technology job.

All is Not well  (or what is seems to be).
Sadly most engineering societies,  engineering trade journals are not
discussing the following:

For fear of offending many of you  here are just a few  websites to check!

How and Why Government, Universities, and Industry Create Domestic Labor
Shortages of Scientists and High-Tech Workers


The Valley Horror Show:  The Incredible Shrinking Engineer,1640,35726,FF.html

High-Tech Firms Fail to Hire African-Americans

African-Americans are being Left Behind

Immigrating Workers take U.S. Jobs

Amid Layoffs U.S. Firms Still Hire From Abroad


Age Discrimination

The above is only of a small sampling of clippings  I had archived.
???   Why are engineering societies   NOT   discussing the above ????

and finally  a MUST READ!!!


and to refresh your memory!!!

as always,
Bob  Johnson

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