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RE: Promoting Structural Engineering (formerly - New Nigerian

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The problem with enforcing existing engineering laws is that in most
states there is nothing in the laws that prevent an architect from
performing engineering.

For example, in the state of Illinois, the SE act requires that anyone
performing structural engineering (and calling themself a structural
engineer) must have an SE _NOT_ a PE.  In otherwords, if you want to
perform structural engineering in Illinois, then an Illinois PE is
basically worthless to an individual.  There is one BIG exception to the
SE act...licensed architects are permitted under the SE act to practice
structural engineering (i.e. seal structural drawings).  Granted any
architect that has any intelligence (assuming that were are considering an
architect that does not have any formal structural training...I know of
several architects that have been doing structural engineering as opposed
to architecture their whole career) or ethics will not perform structural
engineering if their whole career and training has be in architecture.

Another example is here in Michigan...nothing up to 3500 sq ft in Michigan
needs to be sealed by ANYONE under the Michigan PE act.  Thus, a typical
house does not need to be engineered in Michigan at all under the law.

Thus, the end result is that the engineering laws in many cases don't
provide a method to enforce anything in this are because there is nothing
to enforce.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Sun, 30 Jun 2002, Christopher Wright wrote:

> >Worse, why hire an engineer to
> >design a home in a high risk zone when the Architect can do it.
> I don't understand what the problem is with simply enforcing existing 
> engineering laws. The two states I'm registered in are doing exactly 
> that. Check <> 
> and <> If you have people 
> practicing engineering without a license, get 'em.

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