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Re: Seismic Design / Analysis in the BOCA World

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I am not aware of any text book or test preparation book that will
throughly go over the seismic provisions of any of the BOCA codes.  The
best thing that I can think of is to review the NEHRP provisions that were
used as the basis for the particular BOCA code that you are using.  For
example, the 1994 NEHRP (I believe) is the basis for the 1996 BOCA code.
If it is the 1996 BOCA code that you are using then get a copy of the 1994
NEHRP provisions and review them.  In particular, look at the commentary
for the 1994 NEHRP provisions.  The 1991 NEHRP provisions were the basis
for the 1993 BOCA code.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Rogers, Robert wrote:

> Here's a question for everyone......I have seen many people point to
> some excellent references for seismic design / analysis as it relates to
> the UBC (i.e., the Structural Engineering Review Manual by Yousefi, the
> Structural Engineer License Manual by C.V. Chelapati, Schneider &
> Dickey's Reinforced Masonry Design.....etc.) but I have yet to find a
> recommendation for such a book that approaches it from the BOCA
> viewpoint (not IBC.....I know that's out there.....specifically BOCA).
> Anybody know of a good seismic analysis reference that utilizes the BOCA
> approach (1999 or earlier ?).  Thanks
> Robert
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