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RE: Promoting Structural Engineering (formerly - New Nigerian

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>The problem with enforcing existing engineering laws is that in most
>states there is nothing in the laws that prevent an architect from
>performing engineering.
I'll take your word for it, with the provision that if such architects 
can practice engineering competently, the only quibble is a matter of 
which letters follow the name. If an architect cannot practice 
competently, the negligent practice comes under the engineering law. 

I claim my original point stands--feel-good adverts about what a splendid 
bunch of chaps we engineers isn't going to do any good.

>Another example is here in Michigan...nothing up to 3500 sq ft in Michigan
>needs to be sealed by ANYONE under the Michigan PE act
Another case where ads aren't going to make a particle of difference. A 
change in the law might, but you're going to have to show the legislature 
some bodies first. 

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