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Re: Nigerian Scams

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>Here is one I received today..........I seem to get them on a weekly
Here's another--

From: Mr. Chairman Kenneth Lay Office of E.N.R.O.N. Director 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

This letter may be as a surprise since it is coming from someone you may 
have not met before. My name is Kenneth Lay, and I was the chairman of 
the world's largest energy trading company on paper. However, I have now 
resigned that position so as to become a civil advisor to the Nigerian 
National Petroleum Ministry (N.N.P.M.) and make you aware of a situation 
here in Nigeria with which your assistance could be vital. 

I and my close and trusted colleagues need your assistance in the 
transfer of funds for the purposes of purchase of stock in a new company 
of the N.N.P.M., in return for which you will be receiving incredible 
returns of hundreds of percent for your stock in this remarkable company 
which is the Energy National Resource Organization of Nigeria 

For full honest disclosure purposes, we in the E.N.R.O.N. have begun 
recently a remarkably successful business which is so amazing as to be 
hard to define, but that in a shell's nut is in the trading of energy 
commodities contracts (oil, gas, broadband, weather, etc. etc.) and have 
been so much a success that we are having no reportable losses and no 
1,000 offshore shell companies for the purposes of hiding anything and so 
are awash in too many profits. 

Unfortunately, the present civilian government of Nigeria does not allow 
us as civil servants to be the only ones taking advantage of this 
business opportunity, and so has demanded that we are immediately sharing 
this great wealth in stock form with trusted individuals of discretion 
who are not ever wanting to talk with class-action attorneys. 

I was therefore delegated as a matter of urgency by my colleagues to look 
for an overseas investor/partner who would remit small sums of money into 
E.N.R.O.N. stock and thereby become very wealthy. All that is needed is 
your banks accounts number and exact name of signatory to account and 
your deposit in small sums to purchase of said stock that will give 
return on investment as will seem too good but this will not be noticed 
for longest time. 

Also we are looking for employees for this company who are very flexible 
so as not to be worrying about where their next paychecks is coming from. 
Also we are interested to retain a respected audits firm to prove 
accountability of our company if one such can be found. Must adhere to 
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and have own shredder. 

Please be arrested assured that this transaction is very much in the same 
proven methods as I employed at my former company. For your proof and 
peace of mind that this is above boards, our audits firm then, the very 
famous respected Arthur Andersen, did not disapprove of this method of 
accounting at the time of its doing and so this is proof. 

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation while we look forward to a 
mutually benefiting business relationship with you. 

Best regards, 

Mr. Chairman Kenneth Lay, Advisor to Director Dr. Tunde Momoh Nigerian 
National Petroleum Ministry Energy National Resources Organization of 

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