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Re: TEKS Screws

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I don't know if this will help or not, but I found this definition of a
Tek screw on a webiste ("

"Screw Tek:
Sheet metal screw that is fully threaded with a tip in the shape of a
drill bit and either a Phillips or hex head, which is used to fasten heavy
sheet metal.  They are zinc-plated and available in various sizes."

So, it seems to me that the "TEK" describes the tip type of the screw
(i.e. a "drill-like" tip for self-drilling two metal sheets together).

As far as size designations, I would assume that TEK screws would follow
typical screw size designations...that is, #XX (i.e. #8) would be the wire
diameter used for making the screws, a length (i.e. #6x1 where 1 is 1 inch
in length), and then a descriptor for the head type (i.e. HWH for hex
washer head, PFH for Phillips flat head, PPH for Phillips pan head, etc).

As far as material, it would appear from both the Rawl and Hilti catalogs
that I have that self-drilling screws would normally be specified as AISI
1022.  It would also appear that the plating for the screws would depend
on what type of corrosion protection was desired.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> I have looked in vain for any information as to standard sizes, head
> diameters, material properties, etc., for the commonly-specified "TEKS"
> self-drilling screws.
> I can't even find any information as to where the designation "TEKS" comes
> from. Does anyone have any of this information, or can anyone point me to
> where it might be found?
> Thanks.
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> Polhemus Engineering Company
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