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RE: ban treated wood

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You could use a Wolmanized non-CCA treated Parallam.  They are big, strong,
and decay resistant.

Harold O. Sprague

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> The composite products I have researched, like Trex
> (,
> are only intended to be used as decking and are not for strutural
> applications.  From their web site:
> "Trex Wood-Polymer lumber is not intended for primary structural members
> such as load bearing columns, joists, stringers and beams. In most
> installations, a span of 16" on center using a minimum of 3 joists will
> provide excellent results."
> The reason for this is a combination of low allowable stresses and very
> low
> modulus of elasticity.  For miscellaneous work on my house's deck, I have
> opted to use cedar in place of the alternatives.  Design values are not
> very
> good for cedar, though, and it is very difficult and expensive to get
> larger
> sizes.  I haven't decided what to do when the time comes to replace some
> of
> the main beams on my deck.  12' long cedar 4x12s are not something I am
> prepared to hunt down or to pay for.  I have read conflicting things on
> Wolmanizing, and will research that more in the future.  I hope that is a
> viable alternative.  
> Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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