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RE: historical steel deck info

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Thanks for the response.  I think that you are right on the money.  It turns
out that a repair was done to a section of this floor about six years ago,
and the cut out portion was constructed exactly the way that you described
it.  The joists are spaced at 1'-10" oc with Steeltex placed over the joists
and a 2 1/2" thick slab.

Unfortunately, the floor (an elevated gymnasium floor) has several areas
that are showing distress again, so I am trying to recommend the best
long-term course of action to the owner.  It looks like this is going to be
a continuing problem until the entire slab is replaced.  I'm going out to
the site next week to check out the condition of the underside, so we'll see
what that leads to.

Thanks again for your help.

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Were you able to get any info on Steeltex deck?

This may be entirely wrong but I seem to recall that
steeltex is (was) kind of a heavy  water-proofed paper,
something like tar paper with a wire mesh (chicken wire)
attatched to one side.

It came in rolls about 30 inches wide and was just
rolled out over the top of the joists. In those days
most floor joist spacing was limited to two feet and
it did sag some when the concrete was placed. It was
just a form for the concrete.

There was a product like that but I am not sure
that was the name.


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