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RE: Historic Steel Shapes

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Yeah, thats about as far back as I have been able to get. 
Wrought Iron is a seperate beast.  What I am most interested in with this is the use of steel in the US before any of the big names started producing it (1873).  There are some shapes for which we have no record of where they came from and I would like to establish one. 
I have been told informally and unsustantiatedly that steel was imported to the US before it was largely produced here, as the Bessemer process was invented in 1856, and using other processes for producing small amounts of steel existed before that.  We don't know, however, where the steel came from during the period of 1856-1873.  I know that the South Troy steel works used the Bessemer process (the first recorded as doing so in the US) in 1865.  I haven't been able to locate any engineering data on this mill, though. 
Any further insights that you might have would be appreciated.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone.
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According to "The Story of Bethlehem Steel" by Cotter (1916) , Bethlehem produced their first heat of steel October 4, 1973. Rails were rolled two weeks later.
Bob Shaw
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Subject: Historic Steel Shapes

Hi All,
I am trying to locate information on the producers and engineering properties (at least dimensions) of structural steel produced for use in the US before 1873 (before Carnegie adopted the Bessemer process).  I suspect that steel may have been imported to the US prior to that time.
If you know of any place where I might find such information, please let me know.
Christopher Hewitt
AISC Staff Engineer