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3" Concrete Cladding on light framed walls

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A single story, light framed structure with wood structural shear panels is being proposed for local area (Southern California vicinity - Seismic Zone IV). Architect wants to use 3" of concrete cladding all around the building attached to the light framed walls ( Concrete cladding panels are approximately 6' x 8' and are to be cast on site). Note: this is not veneer and cladding being much stiffer than the light framed construction, I have some concerns (see below). Building is approximately 50' x 30' x 17' in height with roof diaphragm at 14' elevation.

Per some of your past experiences I need your opinions, views and suggestions as to the following:
a) Typical details of anchoring this cladding to light framed walls.
b) Typical expansion joints and material being used to make this system work.
c) Casting of panels on site - any pluses or minuses from construction aspects.
d) Performance of such light framed shear walls during earthquake knowing that the cladding is very stiff when compared to light framed shear walls.
e) Sincerely would appreciate any other information or input that would assist in making this project practical or....

Shirish V. Mistry S.E.