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Water tank in basement

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I have a client who is refurbishing his 4-storey apartment building. The superstructure loads are transmitted to the foundations via 8-inch thick loadbearing reinforced blockwalls. The Client wants to convert an unoccupied underground compartment under the apartments into a rainwater storage tank (a town planning requirement), as there are financial and space constraints. There is currently no floor slab in this compartment. This compartment is 22ft long by 16ft wide and 6ft high. The compartment comprises four 8-inch thick reinforced concrete block loadbearing walls. These walls are supported by 2ft and 3ft wide reinforced concrete strip footings on sandy/gravel soil. The water table is within two feet of the footings.

Could anyone on the list suggest possible methods of solving this problem? I am concerned about making the compartment as watertight as possible (new slab and existing foundation joint) and making sure that the walls can resist the hydrostatic pressure imposed by the stored water.



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