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RE: IBC Chapter 18

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Anchorage has always required soils reports  for all commercial construction.  Anchorage has different ground failure susceptibility zones and the requirements for the site investigation depend on the location.  The only thing different in the IBC from what has been required is that the IBC indicates that seismic effects on basement walls and retaining walls need to be investigated. 
Anchorage only requires soils reports for residential construction when the location is in a swamp or high seismically induced ground failure susceptibility area, and there is not a subdivision soils report.
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Subject: IBC Chapter 18

Section 1802.2.7 of the IBC seems to require a soils report for any structure in seismic design category D,E, or F.  We have a building department for which we do plan reviews.  They are enforcing this provision and requiring a soils report for every structure.  They have called us and asked if this is accurate.  This section seems to be overkill, has anyone else encountered this?  Does anyone know why this section is written differently than NEHRP/FEMA 302?  There does not seem to be a similar provision in the IRC.
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