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Re: Bidding of Engineering Services

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I must agree with Mr. Coronado.

Isn't an "engineering services bid" an oxymoron?  As an engineer developing a 
proposal to provide professional services, how would she/he bid on an entity 
that's not defined?  A contractor can bid to construct a building, for 
example, because the entity in question is defined.  The drawings illustrate 
the building.

Jeff Taner, S.E.

In a message dated 7/10/02 11:00:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time, jcse(--nospam--at) 

<< I just saw this flash by my screen.  Please don't laugh at me for 
 so late, I just heard last week that: "The British are coming!  The British
 are coming!"
 I do echo other responses however, as to how nausiating this concept seems.
 I have never heard of it, and I never want to hear of it again.
 Just about all of our projects now are simply billed on an hourly basis.  I
 am not here to give prospective clients a quote so they can shop me around
 until they find the best price.  If a client wants to retain us because they
 are comfortable with our qualifications and with us personally then
 wonderful.  If not, I understand.  What seems very unfair, and outright
 degrading is that we have to be thrown into this "lion's pit" to fight it
 out amongst ourselves (engineers) to see which one of us can buy this "black
 box".  If it works out... we break even.  If it doesn't... we loose our
 shirt.  My doctor charges me for services performed; as does my accountant;
 as does my attorney.  We are the only ones who agree ahead of time on a fee
 for a bunch of work that is to come, we are not even real clear on what that
 may be, and it is a dog fight if we try to get additional money due to
 unforseen work that came up.
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