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RE: OMRF (R value)

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Nope.  The model building code are VERY specific as to what is referenced
and what is not.  The IBC is following the pattern that I am used to in
the BOCA code...this is a "reference" chapter toward the end that lists,
by organization, what documents, including the date/version, are reference
by that code.  For example, the 2000 IBC lists "AISC Seismic (1997)" as
the standard reference number with the title of "Seismic Provisions for
Structural Steel Buildings, including Supplement No. 1 dated 1999".  Thus,
it is abundantly clear that the 2000 IBC _does not_ reference Supplement
No. 2 (without a doubt the 2003 IBC _will_, unless I am completely off the
mark).  Now, that is not to say that some adpoting jurisdiction could
"muddy" the waters some by adopting the 2000 IBC _AND_ Supplement No. 2.
Then, it may not be as clear cut a thing to spot depending how that
jurisdiction publishes what they adopted.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:

> One of the problems I see of adopting a document "by reference", is that
> it's very difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of what version of
> that document is actually being adopted. For example, if a published code
> has adopted the Supplement No. 1 of the Seismic Provisions published by
> AISC, does that mean that Supplement No. 2 is acceptable/adopted by
> inference? I hope not.

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