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RE: OMRF (R value)

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>... I would like to believe that contributors
>to the process go beyond industry representatives
>and "the good ol' boys" and include significant
>scrutiny in particular areas of the code.

I agree and think you need to know that the AISC Committee on Specification,
especially its Task Committee that writes the AISC Seismic Provisions, is
anything but a bunch of industry representatives and good ol' boys. Read the

Chairman Jim Malley, Degenkolb Engineers, San Francisco, CA -- Chairman

Vice-Chairman Mark Saunders, Rutherford and Chekene Consulting Engineers,
San Francisco, CA

Roy Becker, Becker and Pritchett Engineers, Mission Viejo, CA
Greg Deierlein, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Rick Drake, Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, CA
Mike Engelhardt, U of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
Roger Ferch, The Herrick Corporation, Pleasanton, CA
Tim Fraser, Canron, Bellingham, WA
Subash, Goel, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
John Gross, NIST, Gaithersburg, WA
Jim Harris, J.R. Harris and Co., Denver, CO
Pat Hassett, Hassett Engineering, Castro Vallet, CA
Cindi Lanz, AISC, Chicago, IL
Roberto Leon, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
Bob Lyons, Brandow and Johnston, Los Angeles, CA
Hank Martin, AISI, Auburn, CA
Clarkson Pinkham, S.B. Barnes Associates, Los Angeles, CA
Rafael Sabelli, Dasse Design, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Tom Sabol, Engelkirk and Sabol, Los Angeles, CA
Kurt Swensson, KSI Structural Engineers, Atlanta, GA
Nabih Youseff, Nabi Yousseff and Associates, Los Angeles, CA

If anything, that list does not have enough industry representation!

>One example would be review by the Seismology
>Committee of the Structural Engineers Association
>of California (SEAOC)for seismic design components
>of the code (FEMA 350 comes to mind here).

The Committee above WAS in large part the SEAOC Seismology Committee of
about a decade ago. People from that time not still with the AISC Committee
are either retired or dead. They all came into the AISC process at that time
together. Plus, the modern-day SEAOC Seismology Committee is now represented
on the AISC TC 9 by people like Bob Lyons and Rafael Sabelli.

Bill, I don't mean to keep making this a point and counterpoint exchange. I
just want you and others to understand that AISC is offering what I think is
exactly the process you are asking for.


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