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RE: Epoxy Anchor bolt allowabl and ultimate strength

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You need to find the correct Phi factor.  I think it's 0.65, see if you can find it in thier catalogue.
Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT
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Subject: Epoxy Anchor bolt allowabl and ultimate strength

I was looking at some ICBO reports on Hilti epoxy anchor systems, particularly the HSE 2421 (ER-5605).  The tabulated capacity for the anchors and bonding strength are given as allowable loads.  So when the siesmic uplift is calculated, the result needs to be divided by 1.4, before comparing that with the tabulated values.  The small footnotes below the tables in ICBO reports stated that the allowable bonding strength are the ultimate strength with a factor of safety of 4. 
The question is, can I compare the LRFD siesmic forces (without dividing by 1.4) with the tabulated anchor capacity multiplied by 4?   If so, then the required anchors would be much less than using allowable capacity and the factored siesmic forces.
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