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Last week, on this listserver, there was mention of a wire mesh product called Steeltex. The product is still made. Their Web page is at:
Perhaps they have historical information regarding how their product was used as a form for the wood chip/gypsum you describe.
I recently worked on a project that used wire mesh as a form for insulating concrete. The project was designed in 1942. I say that to say that the mesh form concept has been around for a few years.
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To whom it may concern:

I am looking for some information on a floor framing system that we have
encountered in the renovation of an existing building in Richmond, VA.  We
believe the floor system is called "The Metropolitan System".  It consists
of a wood chip / gypsum? mix that was poured over draped wire strands.  The
system is supported by a grid of steel beams.  The wire strands terminate
around the flanges of the perimeter steel beams.  The wood chip / gypsum
slab encapsulates the steel beams for fire protection.  We are interested in
any information that someone may have, including material strengths,
calculation methods, and allowable loadings.

Wayne Beckingham, P.E.
Richmond, Va