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Re: OMRF (R value) (code development process)

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Your response gives good insight into the consensus process.  The attendance at all meetings can be a difficult bar for code engorcement officials as they typically work for public agencies that must be very careful with the "public perception" that public officials are just on a junket when they go to a conference or committee meeting.

I don't know what Ben's travel budget is, but I would suspect it has some significant limits eventhough San Jose's approach to code enforcement is quite progressive.  Also, in the current state budget deliberations, cities appear to be at risk to lose large amounts of funding to balance the State budget.  But, Ben is exactly the type of Building Official I would like to see involved.  His contributions on both technical issues and the people side of code enforcement have given us all an important perspective in this area.

Dennis Wish has long advocated the use of appropriate technology be it web-based conferences, video-conferencing, etc. as a way to involve people that can't do a lot of traveling to committee meetings. I believe this approach could significantly improve the process. Another possible approach is to partially fund the participation of underserved groups, such as Building Officials. This, of course, increases the costs to sponsoring groups and funding would need to be found. But, Building Officials do have valuable perspective that would improve our codes.

Bill Cain  SE
Albany  CA


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