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Tent structure

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I am analyzing an exterior tent composed of aluminum poles and a fabric roof. The county wants the owner to obtain a permit since the tent will be up year round for various events. The requirements for a permit are to determine anchorage of the tent for wind forces (uplift and lateral) and “Determine the suitability of tent poles to withstand lateral wind forces”.


The analysis is fairly straight forward except that in one direction, the tent relies on the fabric roof to keep it stable. It is a gable roof tent. In the long direction, each post has a knee brace ea side of the column to the bottom chord of the roof where the tent is fastened to. In the transverse direction, the gable is supported on two exterior posts without a knee brace. Therefore, the pin connections do not provide stability. However, for the tent to fail, the fabric roof would have to tear or the wrapping fastening it to the end horizontal poles would have to fail.


I have data regarding the fabric properties including “tear strength warp” and “1” tensile break strength”. I am wondering if others think it is appropriate to treat the fabric as a diaphragm restraining the frame or should I just install X-bracing cables in the roof under the fabric to keep it stable?









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