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RE: Post-Tensioned Concrete Software

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There are several other pieces of software that have been discussed on the
list in the past (I think addresses/phone numbers/web sites have been
previously posted):

4) ADAPT-Floor
5) Structural Concrete Software - Floor.

I have used 2 and 3 extensively and have just been introduced to 5.  If you
do a lot of two-way slab design, item 5 is terrific, very powerful.  If more
of your work is one-way, 2 and 3 are probably where you want to be.  I have
never used 1 but there are others on the list who speak highly of it.  We
use PTDATA every week in our office.

Nick Blackburn

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Subject: Post-Tensioned Concrete Software

Our office used Posten for years.  Recently we have found out that the
author of this program died and the software is no longer supported.  Our
office is looking for a good PT software program.  We have seen that ADAPT
is a popular program.  We are wondering what other options there are out
there.  In our search on the Web we also so another PT program by
Structural Concrete Software.  Does anyone have any experience using this
software.  How do these programs compare.
Stephen Cohen

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